As an up-and-coming entrepreneur and tech guru, the Atlanta Tech Village (ATV) has always sparked my interest. For those who do not know, ATV is a tech startup incubator and a communal workspace where over 170 startups are located in Atlanta, Georgia. Some 21CL students who attended SYLI@Goizueta, one of the summer leadership institutes, actually toured ATV over the summer. The Village often hosts events called Startup +: a networking event set up like a club fair where each startup has a booth, and prospective high school, undergrad, MBA, Ph.D., and grad school students are thrown in head first and told “go find an internship.” And that is exactly what I did.

I spoke to many companies that night, but none struck me quite like Farrago Comics.

Farrago is a digital distribution comic book service housed inside an IOS and Android app, and can be best described as Spotify for comic books. When walking down the aisles of booths, you could look and see what kind of intern the companies were looking for, and coincidently, Farrago was looking for a Social Media Marketing and Graphic Design Intern: exactly what I was searching for.

I spoke to their CCO Matty Ryan and we exchanged business cards, and within the next few days I received an email stating that they wanted to speak to me further about an internship. We spoke on the phone, and I started working the following Monday. After speaking to the CEO Matty Fleishmann further, I found out that he was on the board for 21st Century Leaders. Being a part of 21st Century Leaders definitely gave me a leg up. Not just because Marty was on the board of 21CL, because I had the confidence to go out and network at an event where not may high school students are.

Luckily, I received an internship with them, as a high school student! Since starting here, I have worked on everything from editing videos to formatting comic books for the service. That is the story about I found my perfect internship. If you get anything out of this, just know that there is a perfect internship for you, and all it takes is a little networking and putting yourself out there. And you’re already one step-ahead of everyone else by being in 21st Century Leaders — you got this!